“MOSPROMZNAK” (brand MarkMaker) is specialized enterprise for the production of the marking vehicles, supplier of the equipment ADR and manufacturer of rear marking plates for heavy and long transport. We are leading manufacturer & exporter of reflective traffic safety products. 

During the existence a potent staff team of highly professional designers and engineers, experienced production managers and skilled workers has been generated. A system of quality control - ISO 9001-2008.

Our strategy is to conduct a consistent and responsible approach to product development that aims to ensure safety on the roads. We use only the most modern European materials and devices that are laboratory tested and meet the quality standards. Thats why our production is much in demand at the Russian market.

The main warehouse is located in the Moscow region, Mytishchi city. The favorable geographical location of our company warehouse near the leading transportation companies, allows us to carry out the shipment on the day of receipt of the order from the customer.

Our production

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Our worehouse

  mospromznak.ru-sklad mospromznak.ru-sklad2  

Exhibition STT-2014 


Ближайшая отправка из г. Мытищи.
  • Доставка по России и СНГ через ТК Деловые линии. Доставка оплачивается покупателем заказа.
  • Расчет стоимости грузоперевозки перевозки представлен на сайте информационно. Информация о данных для расчета стоимости берутся с сайта транспортной компании.

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